Monday, October 10, 2011


Today I've been missing my African loves intensely, so I thought it high time you get an overload of photos. They say more than I could ever try to about these amazing women and children I was so blessed to live with for 2 months.

Mama Santa...I miss her joy and her sense of humor

Mama Night...I miss her indestructable smile

Mama Claire...I miss her sweet, gentle spirit

I really miss Mama Santa <3 

Mama Catherine...a woman of superior strength and character. Mama Catherine totally trumps Mother Theresa, any day!

Auntie 'Emmy'....I miss that girl!!!! 

Auntie Amy!! and the favorite child. <3 

And I miss this little boy...

And I especially miss this little guy :(

I miss this dynamic duo <3

And these two beautiful girls

And this sweet little guy


These boys...oh how they made me stop and think...and then smile...and love Jesus

And this girl!!! and her sister....I want them for my sisters <3

And I miss this face...



Mama Grace...I miss her crazy, fun lovingness

Mama Lucy...MY Mama...her sense of humor, her love, her laughter...nkwagala nyo Mama Lucy!!!!

Oh these two <3

And this little girl....

And I'd probably better stop before I drive someone crazy with all the pictures. These and many more African beauties are forever in my heart...and I miss them like crazy. Please pray with me about when I can go back, because being away from them is super hard. <3

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  1. You are driving ME crazy - crazy to be away from them, crazy with missing them, crazy in love with them, crazy wanting to go back, crazy missing you, crazy wanting to see MORE pictures! Love you! This made my night! <3