Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There are crickets even in Uganda...

At least, I think they are crickets. Whatever they are, I'm going to miss the music they make once the sun goes down and all is still and quiet. I have 7 days left in this beautifully filthy country, and I'm just soaking up all the little things about life here that make me consider this place a part of my earthly home. Things like
::Every dog in Jinja letting out a blood-curdling howl every so often between 11pm-2 or 3am each night.
::A pack of little kids yelling "Auntie Hannah! Auntie Hannah!" and running to give me hugs when I come back from town or enter their rooms
::Feet always stained red from the dirt, no matter how often I scrub them.
::Creepy huge birds being as normal a sight as a cardinal would be back home in NC
::Trash burning on the side of the road, wherever...whenever...
::The stampede of goats and cows that goes past the compound every day between 5 and 6pm.
::Dashing under the 'poop' trees on our road
::Mama Lucy asking, "Daughter, how are YOU this morning?"
::Mama Josephine's rich laughter, beautiful smile, and joyful love.
::Mama Regina's constant teasing
::The boda man that always smiles cheerfully and asks Amy and I how we are, every time we tell him guiltily that we are 'footing' rather than riding his boda. Countless times he's come halfway down the road to pick us up only to be 'rejected'....and still he smiles. God bless that man for his patience.
::Little Joseph's slobbery dog-like kisses...and numerous bite-marks.
::Witnessing Enoca's redemption on a daily basis. People who say miracles don't happen anymore have not watched a severely malnourished, fearful, unhappy 4 pound six month old flourish into a giggly, peaceful, CHUBBY baby boy in just 7 weeks! Mama Lucy said, "I did not think he would survive...but Jesus proved me wrong." :)
::Mama Catherine's excited, "Ah! Auntie, you sit like a Ugandan!" as I knelt while folding laundry-made my heart happy!
::The hilarious and unexpected things that come out of Mama Susan's mouth.
::Susan. Oh Susan. I want her to be my sister. I've been gaining lots of older sisters this year...
::Sleeping on a bunkbed
::Sleeping under a mosquito net
::Trapping mosquitos under the mosquito net and failing to kill them...and therefore making said mosquito net quite a joke...
::Having more roommates than I have siblings....definitely a first. You should try it!
::Walking anywhere and having random children yell "Mzungu! How are you!?" When adults do that, it's just annoying.
::Walking to the grocery store and anywhere else I need to go
::African rain
::Wide open spaces
::The huge sky and dinosaur sized clouds
::The chaos of putting 16 boys to bed by myself
::The lack of chaos when putting 5 girls to bed
::Having my laptop snatched from me and my personal FB chat conversations invaded by Tori and Amy. <3
::Puno, Apples to Apples, Idiot, Nertz, and Skip-bo with the roomies
::White paint smeared on my clothes and covering my hands
::Struggling for hours to remove said white paint.........
::Fresh pineapple, mango, and avacado always available...and totally organic
::Eating lunch on the floor with Mama Josephine and Mama Grace
::Posho, lentil soup, g-nuts, rice and beans, fried chicken and tilapia...pretty much anything from Mama Cook's kitchen
::Moses asking if he can play with my hair, and it sounding more like "Aun-tie, I wan do you ay-yah!"
::The kids calling me Auntie Katie or Auntie Tori or Auntie Amy and then giggling uncontrollably when I say, "WHAT is my name?!?"
::Hearing Precious do her fake cry
::Simon's HUGE grin and unbelievable energy
::Being asked if I've 'gone for prayers' on Sunday instead of 'gone to church.'
::Riding bodas everywhere...funny, because I always said I would never ride a motorcycle, and now I love it.
::Piling 13 people into a van meant for 8
::Singing patriotic songs with Diane and Amy while standing with our heads out the top of the van as Emily drove us around Jinja
::Finding things to do when the power and internet go out...and having them go out regularly
::I will NOT miss rude men and occasionally women bugging us when we're out walking.
::Making sure water is filtered before drinking it
::Showering in smelly water
::Watching the Mamas roll their paper beads, and occasionally being allowed to help
::The grateful smiles and praises given to God when I get to buy products from the Mamas I love so much.
::Meeting the Mama's families
::Bumbo chairs. They're amazing.
::Wearing the same few outfits over and over...and no one minding, because they do the same thing
::Cokes in glass bottles...never plastic.
::Eating supper while my family back home is just getting ready for church or beginning their day.
::Seeing Lake Victoria and the Source of the Nile every time I walk down the street
::The laid-back, peaceful lifestyle

This place has become home, and I will miss the people here until I can come back. But I'm thankful for many exciting things going on back home in NC and IN that I'll get to be a part of in the next year, and I'm ready...oh so ready, to dive right in and get to work. Please pray for me this next week though-leaving is going to be harder than I thought! I've made lots of friendships and come to love so many people here-God's blessings have been abundantly more than I ever imagined they could be!

Me with my boy!

Some of the amazing friends I've met while here: Tori, Lindsay, and Diane <3