Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have...

There aren't words to describe what the past five days have been like here in Uganda. If I've not been communicative to anyone, it's simply because I don't know what to say. I'm speechless and amazed that I'm HERE, so explaining what HERE is like is practically impossible. There's so much going through my mind, so many thoughts and experiences that I want to share with everyone. Since arriving here on Friday I have:

:Kissed 34 babies over and over
:Cuddled a little boy sick with malaria for a few hours
:Held the hand of a clingy little girl while she swung, 'til my arm felt like it would fall off
:Told Rabies Boy 'NO BITING' about a gazillion times
:Told Mama Josephine that she makes the BEST JUICE EVER four times
:Been to town too many times to count
:Finally gotten sunburned TODAY! ;)
:Danced with Ugandans during their church service
:Been told I'm moving to Africa by a four year old girl
:Eaten tilapia Ugandan style
:Learned the Black Mambas aren't really...black
:Ridden bodas several times
:Put 14 toddler boys to bed (almost...Tori came to my rescue towards the end) by myself
:Been scared waaaaaaaay too many times by Crazy Cat Susan (our House "Mama")
:Was one lady's first customer for the day at about 3:30pm
:Sang Justin Bieber karaoke at a local restaurant with my roommates
:Listened to a Mama tell me about her grandmother who died a week ago
I. Am. Blessed.

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  1. oh those Mamas. i love those Mamas with all my heart. seriously.

    sounds like you're having an amazingggg time! Thanks for the update!