Friday, June 3, 2011

Do you know where we're headed?

After months of prayer and preparation and waiting, Amy and I arrived in Uganda this morning! Our flights both went really well, but neither of us got much sleep and by the time we were getting off the plane in Entebbe we were both going a little stir crazy. We napped this afternoon (it's almost 8pm here; about 1pm on the East Coast back home), but I think we're both still really tired-should sleep really well tonight!
There are so many thoughts running through my mind, and not enough brain power to process them all. God has proved Himself faithful to us in so many ways throughout our trip thus far, and we're only just getting started. We serve such an amazing, loving God-I mean, He blessed us with WATERMELON with our breakfast on our Thursday flight!! Such a small thing...but I love watermelon and wasn't happy about missing out on it all summer, and He treated us to a true British breakfast with watermelon on the side. Now try telling me God doesn't care about our very wants. ;)

We found our driver to take us to the orphanage very quickly, and he and his friend acted as "tour guides" for our three hour drive. Uganda is so beautiful...hills everywhere, beautiful green forests and fields, Lake Victoria...just breathtaking. David and Andrew pointed out different towns, the biggest forest, the Nile River, the sugar cane fields and the abundant supply of bananas. At one point we had a communication problem with figuring out what one type of crop was, 'cause Amy and I were sure he was saying and spelling "den", but we had no idea what that that I think about it I think he was actually saying "tea", but I can't be sure.
And at another point Andrew turned to ask us, "Do you know where we're headed?" and for a moment my thought was "oh good grief! Please don't tell me you have no clue where you're supposed to take us!" But of course he was only asking if we were aware of where the orphanage was. Lack of sleep does something really crazy to you.
Driving through the towns was really eye-opening...seeing all the crowds of people, the cramped marketplaces, the emaciated cows that just mingle with the people, the tiny little shacks that so many Ugandans call 'home', the awesome make-up-your-own-road-rules driving (so not scary like people said it would be! it was FUN!), the kids that smiled and shouted "HI!" as we drove past...I love the culture here, and I can't wait to go into town more. Emily (the current director) took us to town when we got there to get money and to buy some food, but we were too tired to decide on anything other than pb&j materials. The girls went to town for dinner, but I decided to stay here at the Cottage to rest and have some alone time. I helped with the babies for awhile, but then Mama Regina wanted to put them to bed so I came to our room. Sleep sounds really good right now.
Oh! Before I forget, one little thing from our trip that made me happy. During our layover in London, we met a team from IRELAND who were coming to Uganda, and some of them had been before so we were able to ask them tons of questions, and when we got to Entebbe we just followed them to get our visas. I was expecting the visa thing to be confusing, but we had experts to follow-and they had wicked awesome accents to boot! :) It's the little things in life, ya know....

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