Saturday, April 30, 2011

There is no need to fear...

"God's word is true,
       and everything he does is right." Verse 4

And God's word says that

"He spoke, and it [the earth] happened.
       He commanded, and it appeared." Verse 9

God made the world, and He commands all the workings of it.

"The Lord upsets the plans of nations;
       he ruins all their plans." Verse 10

What is happening right now is not the result of any human's plans. No sir-ee Bob.

"But the Lord's plans will stand forever;
       his ideas will last from now on." Verse 11

HIS plans. The only ones that turn anything into something amazing.

"The Lord looks down from heaven
       and sees every person." Verse 13

Amy and I are part of "every person." Connie is part of "every person." And so are you.

"He made their hearts
       and understands everything they do." Verse 15

I'm so glad Someone understands our hearts. 'Cause I certainly don't.

"Horses can't bring victory;
       they can't save by their strength." Verse 17

Neither can guns or pepper spray. Or karate. Or bodyguards.

"But the Lord looks after those who fear him,
       those who put their hope in his love." Verse 18

He's so much better than gunsorpeppersprayorkarateorbodyguardsoranythingelse. Yeah.

"So our hope is in the Lord.
       He is our help, our shield to protect us." Verse 20

I'm so glad He's my Protector. Africa in 33 days, peace or unrest.

"We rejoice in him,
       because we trust his holy name.
  Lord, show your love to us
       as we put our hope in you." Verses 21-22

Psalm 33

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