Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reason #55 for Eating Chocolate First

"Coooonnie!" I scolded my dear friend as she bit into her brownie the other night. "Meal first, chocolate afterwards! You're so rotten..."
Connie just gave me a look which said she didn't care how much I scolded or threatened-she would eat her brownie and get to the soup later. By now I knew not to argue with her-to just laugh and go along with it. And I did-just not to the point of eating my chocolate first, too.
"But you know," she reasoned, attempting to convince me that it's a good idea, "Jesus is coming back soon, and what if He came before the end of the meal? That chocolatey goodness is just left there, gone to waste! It's a sin to waste chocolate!"
I grinned. I couldn't resist getting saucy- "And what about all the cocoa trees, and all the chocolate in the process of being made? What about all of that?"
She just looked at me like, "Shut up!"

Pam's response to our conversation, though, puts a different spin on it all together, leaving me with a dilemma.
"Oh no-chocolate is going with us to Heaven," she said matter-of-factly.

So what is your take? Should we eat our chocolate first, in anticipation of Jesus' swift return? Or should we be good children and eat the healthy stuff first, and rest in the assurance that chocolate will be in Heaven with us for eternity?

Either way, I'm glad for chocolate and I'm glad that whether or not it will be in Heaven, eternity will still be extremely amazing because we'll be with Jesus! And I'm convinced that every day in Heaven is a sunny, warm day with a gentle breeze to play with our hair and fill our hearts with the joy of our King. I can't wait!


  1. I say eat the chocolate that's in front of us before the meal, just in case, and save all the chocolate being made for heaven! *Nods* ;-)

  2. And dude, how come you are sooo darn cute???

  3. Chocolate first! Wait. Just scratch everything else and just eat chocolate!!!