Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday afternoon ponderings which are keeping me from taking a nap

This year is just flying by-so much has already happened in my life, and there is still much more ahead of me. This afternoon I was reading in Proverbs 20 for my bible study with Amy, and verse 24 resonated with the theme that has been weaving it's way through my thoughts lately-
'The Lord decides what a person will do; no one understands what his life is all about.'
I don't understand all of the things God has led me through or why He is leading me where He is. But He is teaching me to trust Him for all my needs, and to realize the lack of true value in most of my wants. He is showing me how perfect His timing is, and that His answers to my prayers aren't always what I want but exactly what I need. He is leading my heart away from it's fearfulness and into a place of trusting Him as my only true safe refuge. He is my closest friend, my comfort, my peace, my guide, my discipline, my counsel, my advocate, my reward, my reality, my savior, my wealth, my all-waking up each day and getting to serve such an amazing God is an honor I am humbled to have! My life is nothing without Him, and my life is His to use as He will.
Sometimes I feel so frustrated not knowing more of God's plan for my life-I love to imagine all these grandiose scenarios, and it'd be great to know ahead of time exactly which (or if any) of these will actually come to be reality. I'd be able to prepare better, right?
But I also somehow feel that if I truly knew every step that God is going to guide my feet through, I'd give up and run the other way! And I'm learning to be content with that-with only knowing just as much as I need to know for the moment. It's truly better to simply "trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey!"


  1. Mmm! That is one awesome verse. Sounds like an StS topic!!