Saturday, March 19, 2011

The joy of spring

"For everything can be redeemed, we can be redeemed, oh all of us-oh happiness!"

I don't care that it's not "officially" spring until tomorrow-I'm standing on the idea that spring has already arrived! Wednesday started the streak of beautiful, warmer weather here in Fort Wayne, and so far each day has been warm, sunny, and full of the promises of Spring. It couldn't have been better timed-not just myself, but so many people around me I'd noticed were beginning to be depressed and down-trodden, weighed down by worldly cares. I know such menial things as the weather should have no play on our outlook on life, but the human soul can only take so much before it gives in to it's surroundings. And when those surroundings are grey and lifeless...I think everyone has experienced the kind of dull feelings that winter deadness can bring on.

So, as soon as the weather turned cheery, what did Connie and I do? We blasted David Crowder's "Oh Happiness" as loud as we could with the van windows rolled down, singing along at the top of our lungs-full of joy and happiness to be alive and under God's grace! The song makes you want to jump and shout and scream and dance and cry and just praise God for his grace-'cause "there's enough for us and the whole human race!"

Have you ever really thought about that? How deep and wide and never-ending is the love and grace of God? There are almost 7 billion people on this planet at this moment in time, and countless others who have lived before us. We are all such fallen, sinful creatures, and yet God's grace is greater than all of our sin. Even if all 7 billion of us repented and allowed Him to redeem us, He would eagerly welcome us all in with open arms. I don't know about you, but forgiving 7 billion people who have wronged me, and eagerly entering into relationship with each one doesn't sound so appealing to me. Realizing how great is God's love for mankind just makes me want to sing!

Connie, Kelsey, and I went on an adventure to the Botanical Conservatory this morning, and soaked in the warmth and sunshine while surrounded by all kinds of exotic and beautiful (and some rather creepy) plants. I think that growth, and the sign of things actually happening is part of what I really love about spring. I like to get things done and see progress being made-spring is my season. But even as I rejoice in the beauty of the turn of seasons to brighter days, I'm reminded all over again how equally important the dormancy of winter is to the cycle of life. Without the dark days of Winter, how can we truly appreciate the wonders of Spring? And to parallel that, without the hard and frustrating situations in life, how can we truly praise God for the blessings He gives us? If life was all roses, it'd be nice-but there wouldn't be much meaning in that. To have this constant reminder of redemption, whether you see it in the annual change from winter to spring, or in the daily changes from frustration to little or big blessings, should make us all the more excited to see others around us enter into this great roller coaster ride adventure called faith in Jesus Christ!
I pray that He will open my eyes to opportunities to share my ride with others, and that somehow He will use this broken and incapable vessel to excite at least one person about the Gospel-for we can all be redeemed, all of us-oh happiness!!!

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  1. you can definitely tell that people are much hits very obvious when I'm on slippery rock university campus that spring is here because there are people just standing outside laughing, smiling, talking, playing Frisbee and other games like that, instead of just people walking by going to wherever they need to go in a hurry during the winter.