Saturday, February 12, 2011

Miss North Carolina

I dearly love my Rahmo, one of the girls who comes to Youth Night on Wednesdays. Last night we had the girls over for Girls' Night, and we all made Valentines for each other. Rahmo was the first girl to really welcome me and make me feel at home here, and she's given me the nickname "North Carolina Lady."
Rahmo is a strong, funny, and loving girl destined for great things. I teased her while we made Valentines, "You made one for me, right Rahmo? 'Cause I made one for you! You better make me one!" She came back in classic Rahmo fashion with, "Girl, you my friend-you know I love you! You don't need one from me."
Nevertheless, she made me a Valentine and addressed it to "Miss North Carolina." I know I'm not the beauty pageant type, but that made me smile. I'm so blessed to know Rahmo!

Me and Rahmo
I think the girls enjoyed themselves-we played Wii bowling (thanks Brianne for bringing that!), ate pizza and cake (Corrie was our amazing chef), and watched "Step Up" until it was time for the girls to head home. Fun times! 

Girls' Night Gang


  1. She looks like she's lots of fun! :OD And looks like you all had a blast!! :OD

  2. hehe how fun! maddie and i just watched Step up three the other night...agaaaain :)

  3. Awesome funness. :) I miss you, dahling!