Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The dance

Written Monday, January 31st.

This morning started an on-going thought of the day for me, and it has to do with expecting the unexpected. Let me set the stage for you:
Its 8:30 in the morning, and I'm in the kitchen getting a drink of water. I finish my water, and go to the sink to wash my glass, when I unsuspectingly glance up from the water streaming down to the drain and look at the faucet.
Bad idea.
Just chillin' there-all non-chalant, wrapped in shrink wrap, and undoubtedly frozen solid-was a big fish. Staring at me.  

Now, I'm not the screaming sort (normally), so there wasn't the melodramatic meltdown of female renown when such things occur. But there was most definitely a wide-eyed, surprised expression on my face, and I admit that a very sharp gasp could be heard escaping from my mouth. Afterward, when re-telling my little "welcome back to Angaying Inn" experience to Connie (after letting her get a view of our fishy friend), I said something like, "I should totally have expected that, but yeah...did NOT expect that!"
And so the day went: the unexpected but normal interruptions that throw you off but shouldn't.

::Instead of opening the van door I set off the alarm,
:: took a wrong left when trying to get us home from the library which set us on a couple extra miles adventure through Fort Wayne,
::had the fire alarm telling us very loudly (while I was on the phone, and walking right underneath it) that it’s batteries were dying,
::and then tonight ended up helping a young girl with her math homework (my weakest subject).
And that’s just a few of the things that, today, have caused me to be reminded once again that I can’t control my life-and I’m glad of that! God is a God of surprises and spontaneity, a God of mystery and wonder. If we had control of our own lives, I’m sure it would be nice: we’d have everything as we want it, and no unplanned hurdles to jump over. But wouldn’t that be so boring? The unexpected is what makes life fun and interesting, and though sometimes you have to wonder why on earth God would allow some surprises, we can rest in knowing that He works all things for good for them who love the Lord. For Him, nothing is unexpected-it’s been perfectly planned out since the beginning of time.
It’s like the song “Through Heaven’s Eyes” from The Prince of Egypt;
No life can escape being blown about
By the winds of change and chance
And though you never know all the steps
You must learn to join the dance
You must learn to join the dance

So come on and join the dance! It’s not always easy, but it’s beautiful, full of joy, and we have a perfect Dance Teacher to show us how to handle the hard steps!


  1. lol. That's one way to start off your day!

    I love ya gal. :) <3

  2. O_O Oh my!!!!! Hehe!!!

    Such a good post! Thanks for all the reminders in it!!
    Love you!!!