Monday, February 7, 2011

Bubble and Squeak!

Today I decided to be adventurous with dinner and make something completely new from one of my cookbooks. The name jumped out to me, being British (and I love British things...most of them), and Connie and I decided it sounded like a yummy thing to try. Our Cheese Bubble and Squeak turned into a hearty Mashed Potato dinner when the patties started to fall apart during frying, but they tasted amazing anyway. Made with potatoes, spinach, one egg and some cheese, followed by a secret ingredient-I want to try making them again!

This afternoon we spent a couple hours reading together from Mr. Darcy's Daughters (Austen fans-you'll love this!) at DeBrand's Chocolate cafe, while sipping our special hot chocolates. We took turns reading the chapters, and just enjoyed a relaxing afternoon together, surrounded by chocolate. :)

And the big news? There's still mountains of snow on the ground. Ok, so maybe that's not news, but it's worthy of being noted! I finally unburied my car from the Saturday snow-fall, but I managed to get a shot before:

I'm constantly amazed at all the white, wintery wonder that surrounds us, and, according to all our Northern friends, won't leave for another couple of months. Despite getting a bit frazzled when it causes trouble getting out of the driveway, I do really love the snow-it's beauty never gets old! And I agree with a new International friend who, this morning, called it "very romantic!" :)
The icycles are a source of enjoyment and worry. They are so pretty, but walking under them while everything is melting a bit in the afternoon feels very much like playing a game of dodgeball, especially after seeing a few broken icycles on the ground here and there!

The snow piles are getting pretty high!

Connie wrote a post about our adventures with the Zo church yesterday! You should go read that, and watch the cute video she posted. :) 

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