Friday, February 11, 2011

The Best Adventure

On Wednesday I had quite an adventure taking Lian to Wal-Mart for "medicine for Moy San." Lian's niece, Esther, was at the house and begged to tag along, and as I couldn't resist the cute 8 year old's pleas for an outing, she went along as well.

So we found the medicine for poor Moy San, and I'm thinking, "Awesome! That was quick!" Oh, I forgot to mention that this was an hour before Youth Night was supposed to start, and I needed to get our dinner in the oven half an hour before that!

Then Lian said, "Oh Hannah: veetemins for JoLien! You help me find?"

Then it turned into hair coloring, and getting two WIC coupons worth of food. All the while, Esther, bless her heart, keeps stopping to look at things, ignoring her Aunt's threats and commands to "follow."

I think we were both getting frustrated with her-it's only by the grace of God neither one of us lost it with her (ok, so I can only speak for myself, since I don't know Zho and consequently I don't know what Lian said to her).

I finally said something about the teenagers, and right away she was like my little puppy dog close at my heels the rest of the way, peppering me with questions like "What are teenagers? Can I see the teenagers? Are YOU a teenager? Why are they called teenagers?" I think she learned a new English word. ;) And her fascination with "teenagers" made for a focused little girl. Boo-yah!

Amazingly, we made it back with a few minutes to spare. Poor Esther didn't get her glimpse of the teenagers, but she did get a heart shaped lollipop from her Aunt Lian, and a big hug from me. :)

Esther reminded me of me, actually. I love to linger behind, and my attention gets caught by the most mundane things that end up distracting me from my original purpose in life. I often get caught up in my own plans and ideas for my life, ignoring God's gentle voice calling to me, "But Hannah, that's not what I want you to do. Remember? You agreed to follow Me, and this is My way. Leave your petty substitutes behind, and follow me on the Best Adventure for your life."

The adventure He has in store for you probably involves a lot of road blocks and mountains to climb over, a lot of pain and confusion involved. But He has promised to be right there with us, and to give us joy through the suffering, and a light heart through the pain.

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