Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sign here, please.

Filling out applications has become a sort of hobby for me of late, it seems.
Passport? Check.
Amani Volunteer App? Check.
I-House Volunteer App? Also a big CHECK.
And who knows what other paperwork I'll have to fill out this year.
Oh, yeah. Taxes. Forgot about that. See? More paperwork!
The thought came to me while signing my name this afternoon at work. Every day that I "play" cashier, I have to fill out a form before I leave, and sign my name on that form.
 The analogy is a little backwards, but I think it can still be applied to being a Christian. Following Jesus is an every day choice-every morning when you wake up you can either choose to live the day for Him or for you. It's that simple(in a way. The execution of that agreement is not always quite that easy). It's like signing your name every day on God's list of workers.
I signed my name on that list this morning-did you?

Written Friday, January 7th.


  1. That's a great way to think about it! And yes,'m, I did. :) lol. I love you, my most wonderful Diana!!!!!!

  2. That was a wonderful post!!! Thanks for sharing dear!! <3