Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A sunset view from my window.
Photographer friends-I used manual! Proud of me? ;)
 This past weekend I had a great time getting away to the little military town that I grew up in. It'd been...probably about 4 years since I'd been back, and longer than that since I'd seen many of the people my parents have known for longer than they've been married! My life began in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and so many of my earliest and best memories are wrapped up in that special town.

I spent all day with our good friends Mrs. Judy, Mr. Norman, and Cathy(my big adoption). Being back at their house-where my siblings and I would spend hours when Mrs. Judy babysat us so our Mom could shop, go to appointments, and run other errands by herself-was AMAZING but hard.

Amazing just remembering all the little things that make their family and their home special to me (a ready supply of soda that we were never allowed at home, all the toys we would play with, sitting at the big table and playing games with them, the really cool mailbox that opens into the house we kids used to run to when the mailman arrived, the awesome china cabinet that had the big conch shells which we would use to "listen to the ocean", the bar stools where we'd sit at the kitchen island and help Mrs. Judy make lunch, the list goes on!!!). Amazing being with them and getting caught up on all the Goldsboro people/news, and updating them on my life and family. Amazing to know that I have some really awesome people who love me and who have impacted my life in a big way.

But hard knowing that those times, those memories, are gone. Cathy and I spent awhile going through some of her things, and just remembering different moments in that house. It's changed so much-we've moved, Cathy and her siblings have left home. We were sitting on the floor in the front den at one point, just reflecting on that, and I think we were both almost in tears! I've been so blessed to have the Hunt family in my life, and their influence has made me who I am today. I don't wish to think of what I'd be if I hadn't had their counsel, encouragement and support! And I don't like that things have changed so we don't see each other as much!

Today I was thinking about all the amazing things He has given me so far, and realizing how futile it is to wish all of that back. The same God who sent me to the care of not just some amazing parents but the Hunt family, too, is the same God who is sending me to Fort Wayne and Uganda and who knows where else afterwards! He was with me then, and He is with me now. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what His plans for our future include!! :)

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  1. Amazing picture! :D I love it!

    *hugses* It's so bittersweet to go back in time, isn't it?