Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's 26* outside

So according to my sister's Facebook, I missed out on a WARM, sunny, southern winter day today. :( BUT...that's because...

I am now in Fort Wayne. :) I left at 6am yesterday morning, and God cleared the roads so I was able to make it here in only 10 hours(with a few stops on the way, of course). :) I met with my new boss as soon as I got here, and found that she put me on the schedule for several days, and with pretty much the hours I was hoping for, which is great!
I'm getting settled in nicely, and of course I'm having a great time. I was so excited to see Lian and the boys, and then this morning all the people in the ESL class I help with.
I'm so ready to get right back into helping out at I-House, and I'm so excited to be here with Connie, and Pam! :) We've had way too much fun together, and today Connie and I went with Kelsey (such a fun girl!) to a special New Year celebration for a Burmese people group. It was big, loud, and lots of fun! Trying new foods, seeing traditional Karen-Burmese dancing and singing, some non-traditional Karen-Burmese screamo music, and meeting new friends is what this afternoon included for us! Lots of fun, and I wish I'd grabbed my camera but I forgot.
We went grocery shopping last night after dinner, and when we got home we had tea time. We made a pot of Midsummer Night's Dream tea, and then Lian and the boys got home. ;)  Connie has the flower teas, the ones that open up and "bloom" when you brew them, and we had really wanted to show them that, so we made a second pot of tea using one of her flowers! :D So fascinating...even fussy little Moy San quieted down when he saw this little ball open up into a delicate, beautiful Fairy Lady flower. :) Mrs. Chandler sent some delicious Strawberry bread with me for us, and we shared that with them. Lian and Jo lien seemed to really like it! :) And MY Mom sent some chocolate chip pancakes and waffles with me, so I want to have them try those, too. We both have the awesomest Moms ever. ;)
This has to be the most scatterbrained and unorganized posts I've ever written, but I've been talking to my Sarah on FB throughout this whole post. I'll leave you with the only picture I took on my road trip (I know...I was such a good girl and left the camera in my purse!). At a gas station in some little town in West Virginia...this was right next door:



  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start. :) I miss you for some reason! Like lots and lots! Which is funny cuz it's not like you goin to Indiana has made any impact on ME (besides me bein wicked excited for you. :D).

    Ooooh, those flower teas are like WICKED kewl! :D

    And hey...quit forgetting your camera!!! :P lol. No, seriously...take beyond TONS of pictures! :D *HUGS* I love you SOOOOOO incredibly much!

  2. Wow, I'm so glad that you're off to such a great start! *hugs* Those flower teas sound super cool! :)
    And I agree with Sam: take more pictures!! :P