Monday, January 10, 2011

In which I am discovered clueless...

I am glad for days like this....most of the time. I believe it's good to be reminded of just how incapable I am of doing anything without His help. I don't want to think who or where I would be without Him!
So the first part of "today" is great-work is busy and flies by quickly, even though I expected it to be slow due to the "snowstorm" predicted in the forecast.

I realized my cell phone was on the verge of dying...and in fact, it did die. Right after I texted my bestie Sam to let her know I was still planning on getting my ears pierced this afternoon. So I changed plans and headed home.
Whereupon I check my email and find that my application for Amani? I SENT IT TO THE WRONG EMAIL!!!!! SERIOUSLY??!!?! And I didn't realize that until over a week later?! Crunched for time, I close my laptop, change into comfy stuff, and drag Karah out the door with me.
We stop at a stop sign. The guy behind me honks.
"WHY are you honking at me?!" I say to Karah and the guy-who-can't-hear-me. Then I realize it's a co-worker behind me, who is waving and laughing at me. Veeeeeeery funny, dude. ;)
After a stop somewhere (scroll down if you care to know where and can't wait until the end), we get shakes (I know...crazy...the snow falling fast around us and all we can think to eat is ice cream) and head to the Xpress Lube to get my car "fixed."
I park, and one of the workers walks out, around the back of my car and to the driver's side. As I open the door and start to get out, he goes, "Please don't pull out the knitting needles!" To which I have to laugh. ;)
But boy, oh boy, am I blushing when I find out the reason the "Maintenance Required" light was on...but nobody thought to tell this naive and ignorant 19 year old gal that when the oil gets changed you're supposed to reset the maintenance light! The man must've had fun telling THAT story to his friends. *sigh*
I come home, where I find in the mail something reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally special!

Yep! I find in a tiny little book my "ticket" to getting into Uganda! And since I stopped earlier to pick up my glasses, I can actually read said book without getting a headache. AND, since I have the wonderful passport, I can RE-send my Amani application COMPLETED this time. God is so good! :)


  1. YAY!!!! So glad you got your passport! That is super exciting! and I LOVE your glasses! they look sooo cute on you, HannahBeth!!!:)

    And since you have your'll be able to read my LETTER I sent you when you get it in a day or two! wooot! :)

  2. WOOT WOOT for passports and glasses and finished applications! <3 <3