Sunday, December 26, 2010

The world is white

My favorite little town has 8 inches of snow and counting! :D Well, actually Sarah measured and reported that there's really only 7 3/4 inches, but it's been snowing hard so I'm sure the extra 1/4 inch has accumulated on the ground by now, so we'll round it up anyway.
I woke up this morning to the beautiful sight of white...everywhere. It started snowing yesterday afternoon while my Mom was on the phone with my Grandma. She had just told Grandma that it wasn't snowing here, when the first few flakes began to fall. :) I spent the afternoon and evening gazing out the window every so often to look at the beauty of winter. Yes-it's cold, and wet, and creates problems for travel, but I love winter even still. It's beautiful, peaceful, and it quiets the world. There is nothing I love more than walking in the morning through a neighborhood covered in white, before the kids come out to play! And I got to do that this morning. :)

Moriah and I are on dog sitting duty for two of our regular families this week, and since she's sick and really shouldn't brave the cold, I bundled up and trudged through the snow around the corner to family B's home. Family A usually takes care of Family B's dogs, but when Family A is gone, we take care of them both. Confused now? ;)
But I love it when that happens, because Family B has some of the cutest, funnest dogs around. Problem is, I have only been to their house once before this morning, and I had only gone along to play with the dogs that time, so I didn't know where anything was. Plus, there was a slight confusion over WHEN we were supposed to begin our care of Moose, Roxi and Ollie, so I was half worried as I walked up to the door that they might actually be home. And they've never really met ME, so I tried to think of how I would explain things should I unlock the door and become a suspected burglar. O_O
That, however, did not happen (obviously). Though since it was kind of early and I was seeing wrapped presents still under the tree (seriously. Who leaves home AFTER Christmas and leaves UNOPENED presents behind?!), I was a little worried that maybe they were still asleep and just didn't hear me come in. So, to kill my nerves, I talked to the dogs...probably louder than I should, but hey! I wanted to make sure if they were home, they'd hear me and wouldn't clobber me from behind with a baseball bat!
"Hiya Roxi! You remember me? I'm Moriah's sister. She's sick, and can't come to take care of you today. Cody asked us to come over this morning. You do remember me, right Roxi?"
Eventually I was certain nobody was home, and then felt stupid for talking to poor Roxi like that. I'm weird like that when I'm alone in a house. ;)
Moose is named appropriately for his size, though I personally think he looks more like a bear. I can ride him like a horse. :D Now you see why I like going over there? ;) And Roxi and Ollie, I have nicknamed The Cute Little Demon Jack Russells. They are always fighting, and I feel like they're a small taste of what it's like to have twins. But separate them, and you have two little angels. ;)
So anyways, after a half hour of searching the house for the "play room", trying to find the water bowl (which was on the deck, covered in snow and ice. Great job, Cody!), figuring out which food belongs to which dog, and finding an empty food bag with no replacement food that was supposed to be for the biggest dog, I made my way back home. Half that time was spent on the phone with a groggy Moriah, with me asking her a zillion questions and her having about a million of the answers. Someday, Family B is going to come home to an organized playroom with all the dog supplies conveniently in place and the food STOCKED, if they aren't careful. ;) I don't think they've realized they hired two of the most OCD girls in the neighborhood. Our organizational urges are very hard to ignore for long!

The kids are currently outside sledding in our side yard. So far none have crashed into the creek, and no one has repeated the chipped tooth incident of Cody's from last winter. Snow cream has been devoured, and hot chocolate is running aplenty, and Moriah and I have plans for a movie. So off I go to enjoy a day snowed in at home! :D

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  1. I love this post!! It sounds so wonderfully cozy and wintery at your house! :D