Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekend of celebration

With Christmas on Saturday and my birthday on Sunday, our weekend was full of good food, lots of presents, and even some pretty snow! :)

We got 8 inches of snow over Christmas and my birthday!
The view from my window:

I got a jewelry box that I can put some of my pictures cool! :) 
My friend Amy gave me a the devotional "Completely Irresistable" which I'm hoping to start reading soon, and Sam made me a book of several blog posts from Sister to Sister!!! So special!! <3 

Some of the gifts that Maddie, Hannah, and Meghan sent me. Thank you girls!!!

I love this...Amy sent me this pillow. It's so pretty! :D
 Talk about a deer in the headlights look! ;)

Blowing out the candles on my Eggnog cake (delicious!)
Making Oreo truffles with my little buddy :)  
 I got a laptop!!!! :D
Micah with one of his presents  
 Moriah and I made this t-shirt for Dad, as he's always singing some 70's tune for pretty much any situation you can imagine. He got the joke. ;)
 I gave Mom a Mint Chocolate smells amazing!

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  1. Super cute kitty! Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, haha! :)