Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Major step towards Uganda yesterday-got my passport applied for! Plus, the Amani people told us we can send our applications in without our passport numbers (since we won't get those for another month or more), and then send those later, so we're breathing a sigh of relief! I don't like to have a bunch of big stuff to do at the last minute, and Amy and I were praying we'd be able to apply to volunteer within the month, so it's an answer to prayer! :)

We were trying to figure out how to get rid of a huge amount of M&Ms at work, since now all the holiday packaging is done and we don't need them anymore. And of course, one of the surest ways to get rid of any kind of candy is to send it home with Hannah for her millions of brothers and sisters. ;) My boss is so awesome like that.
Micah really enjoyed the red M&Ms. As all 3 year olds do, he also liked just holding them in his hand 'til they colored HIM red, so he looked eerily like the victim of...well...something. I'm including a picture of the goofy kid...taken BEFORE he had red dribbling out of his mouth (that was disgusting). ;)

I was really struggling this morning at work. Several of my co-workers had something negative to say about my leaving in a month: "Why would you want to move north in the middle of winter?" (I happen to still like snow, thank you!) "You're working with refugees? Aren't you worried about, ya know, getting raped?" (ha. haha. Like Ft. Wayne is so much more dangerous than Winston Salem!) "What if you don't like it?" (Not likely) "That's great that you'll be doing something good, but can't you just do that here?" (Yeah, but what if God wants me to do it THERE?!)
Outwardly I smiled and answered the questions truthfully, but inwardly I was starting to doubt. Is this really what God wants me to do, or am I just pushing my own wants into the limelight? I mean, deep down I know that this is from God, but I still let myself get down because of their remarks. I finally had to stop myself and ask God to calm my spirit.
And in walked Courtney, one of my favoritest Panera gals ever! She's cheerful and positive, and just makes you see the bright side of things even without saying anything. She used to work at my store when I first started 2 years ago, then she transferred to a store in Winston (your favorite one, Connie). Once in awhile she'll come to our store to fill-in, and today she did just that. I hadn't seen her in months, so we were catching up on each others lives, and of course I told her about Indiana.
"That's AWESOME!" was her reply. <3
Two little words, but they picked me right up and reminded me that, yes, these opportunities (Indiana and Uganda), are AWESOME. They're amazing. Incredible. And I really don't deserve them. But who turns down an offer like this from God?! Well, I don't know who...and I certainly don't intend to become one of them! ;)

Oh, and another HUGE answer to prayer came today in the form of a major drop in my car insurance bill-an $80 drop!!! I know that as a new-ish driver I shouldn't complain, but for a year I've been paying out 1/4 of my monthly earnings to car insurance alone. I was worried that the drop in price wouldn't be much, so when my Mom texted me telling me how much my current bill will be, I almost cried. :) God is so good!!!

Oh yeah. Girls night tonight with my sisters and Mom (and it's mostly girls) to go see Tangled! :) My second time seeing it, and their first. It's going to be fun!


  1. I like Courtney! :OD It IS awesome!!!!!!!! Go out and do great things for God love! Don't listen to other's fears!!!! <3 *Big hug* :OD

  2. haha, i totally had people ask me all those same questions, girl! so glad God affirmed in you that this is from him. love you!