Friday, December 24, 2010

It's almost Christmas!

There is snow in the forecast for Christmas, yet for some crazy reason this year I'm a bit cynical about that prediction. Seems like every year the weather man (or in the case this morning, the weather woman) says it'll snow on Christmas Day, and, at least here in North Carolina, it only actually snows maybe 10% of the time. Not that I don't want the snow, of course. Who (except maybe an emotionally traumatized northerner) doesn't love a white Christmas? ;)
But if it must snow this year, I'd like it to only be a dusting-maybe an inch or so. Because I really want to go to church on Sunday, and pretty much any amount of wintery loveliness is deemed as unsafe for traveling (spending a winter in Fort Wayne is probably a very bad idea...I'm losing all compassion for deluded southerners). I give the weather permission to snow on Sunday, after church. ;)

It was a busy day at my dear Panera this Christmas Eve. Thankfully, my boss is awesome at organizing chaos and was more than prepared for the swarm of orders we had. Things went so smoothly that I was able to leave two hours early! :) Now I have a four day break ahead of me...and lots of activity to fill my time with.

::Going out for pizza and our favorite Cook-Out shakes tonight with my family
::Helping prep meals for the needy with some folks from our church, along with Dad, Moriah and maybe Sarah tonight (the late shift :D).
::Christmas tomorrow...relaxation!
::Church and birthday celebration on Sunday-hopefully a quiet day
::Car repairs (possible), scheduling appointments (probable), and deep cleaning my room (definite!) on Monday
::Applying for my passport on Tuesday!!!!
And sometime today I really need to get some Christmas presents finished up!

I will leave you with the cutest quote of my day. Enjoy! :)
Neil and Betsy come in to Panera every single morning (Literally. They've never missed one morning except when on vacation!), and are the sweetest, most cheerful people I know. :) Betsy bought a Gingerbread Man cookie for her nephew (or grandson? I can't remember) who is 6 years old, and gave it to him yesterday. This morning she told me that when she gave him the bag with the cookie, he opened it and exclaimed (in a deep southern accent, of course),

"Oh my! I'm gonna feast on this tamarrow!"


  1. "except maybe an emotionally traumatized northerner" - HAHAHA!!! That totally sums up what us northerners are about snow!!!!! :-P :-P (Although I love in myself! :-P). You crack me up Bee!!

  2. *giggles* We can enjoy the snow together, then! :D