Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Friends

I've been home for almost a week now, and while I've had a great time with my family I still miss my new friends back in Fort Wayne. I'm glad I'll be going back again next year for a few months, but today I've been missing them a great deal so you get to enjoy some more pictures from when I was there. :)

On Thursday (the 9th) Connie and I drove down to Jefferson Pointe so she could show me that amazing mall. :D It's all outdoors, so though it was freezing (we stopped in several stores just to warm our frozen noses), it was gorgeous and such a fun experience! After making a stop at DeBrands for chocolate truffles, we passed this bakery that made me think of my dear friend Maddie. :D
I know it's extremely blurry, but we were cold and I wasn't taking a second try at a picture, so just trust me when I say that it's called Madeleine's Bakehouse. ;)

Quick stop for a picture together in front of the big tree...I loved all the lights! :)

Lian gave me a very special gift before I left. She basically dragged me into her apartment upstairs, and fished around in her small purse, pulling out this gorgeous Zho church necklace. From what I understand it was part of her church outfit. :) It's so beautiful, and so special-I have an aunthentic Burmese necklace!! :D

Two of my best buddies!! :)
Jo Lien, Connie and I, the night before we headed home.

On the drive home (Pam was driving..don't worry).
It truly was a Winter Wonderland driving through Ohio!


  1. aw, girl, i miss 'em too! SO SO glad we get to continue our Fort Wayne adventures in 2011!

  2. It's so great getting more and more updates about your trip and seeing pictures!! :) *HUGS*

    Aw, girl, it's so amazing what God's having you do!!! :D

  3. Aw, you thought of ME?? ♥ *hugs*
    It's so nice to see more pictures! Thank you so much for posting them!

  4. How did I miss that you were posting pictures during your trip?????????? :-P Hehe!!!