Monday, November 8, 2010

The kids

I've been getting pictures of all of us for our family photo far we've got pictures of all of us kids. :)


 Just 'cause this is too funny :P
 And she's too cool ;)

 Josiah...who still refuses to smile
 Jeremy. My lil/big bro
 Senior photos in the spring time, coming up! ;)
 Judah again
 The cutest in the family...Mikey
 *sigh* I wish all people were as willing to smile as he is!
 Sarah...we did a really long photoshoot ;)

 She kissed the tree. Not saying anything more....
 The light spot makes it look like she's got a nose ring :P
 Sarah did my photos...despite the light spots, I like this one :)
 She made me hug the tree :(

 And act like I was holding the pillars of the gazebo my embarrassment, as there was a baby shower going on at the house across the street, and all the ladies kept going to the door to stare. >_< The things I do for my sister ;)
 The girl ALSO had the nerve to put me in JAIL!!!

It was cold...trying to warm my face

My favorite. EVER. My sis is amazing!
And Karah! :)

Photos of Mom and Dad soon as I can get them. ;)


  1. Great photos!! Love them all!
    Can't wait to see mom and dad!!

  2. Those photos are GREAT and I love your outfit and coat! :D
    The one of Sarah kissing the tree is hilarious! :D