Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My "verse of the month" for November (Joshua 1:8-9)

 The M&Ms on Karah's birthday cake...from like, a month ago. :P

A little something crazy for my car ;) 


Me and my buddy :) 

Karah lost her very first tooth, and the new one is almost all the way through! 

I am: hair stylist and photographer...wannabe ;) 

She chose, of ALL the piles of clothes on my bed, my WORK clothes to nap in!

Mom and I both got our hair cut :) 

I can't function without a to-do list....SEVERAL of them. ;)  
I'm just a LITTLE OCD about lists.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The kids

I've been getting pictures of all of us for our family photo collage...so far we've got pictures of all of us kids. :)


 Just 'cause this is too funny :P
 And she's too cool ;)

 Josiah...who still refuses to smile
 Jeremy. My lil/big bro
 Senior photos in the spring time, coming up! ;)
 Judah again
 The cutest in the family...Mikey
 *sigh* I wish all people were as willing to smile as he is!
 Sarah...we did a really long photoshoot ;)

 She kissed the tree. Not saying anything more....
 The light spot makes it look like she's got a nose ring :P
 Sarah did my photos...despite the light spots, I like this one :)
 She made me hug the tree :(

 And act like I was holding the pillars of the gazebo up...to my embarrassment, as there was a baby shower going on at the house across the street, and all the ladies kept going to the door to stare. >_< The things I do for my sister ;)
 The girl ALSO had the nerve to put me in JAIL!!!

It was cold...trying to warm my face

My favorite. EVER. My sis is amazing!
And Karah! :)

Photos of Mom and Dad coming...as soon as I can get them. ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Karah turned 7, and since she's always begging to "go to the park and do a photoshoot", this past Friday we did just that. :) Rather than overload the blog with a really long picture post...I made a slideshow. ;) Enjoy!