Monday, October 25, 2010


And some other pictures ;)
Me and my sissy
The birthday guy ;)
Not sharing his new age, but I AM going to announce (with a grin on my face) that both Dad's older brother AND his own Dad couldn't get his age right when they called him. :P Sowwy Daddy...just had to share that. :P 
Obviously he didn't like something that was in his drink
He got lots of chocolate, of course ;)
And...possibly our best find ever for him:
Right after eating, we had to go play his game :) It's AWESOME! ;)
Dad grabbed books from Micah's room for our "hard surface" for when we had to write
Moriah with hers:

A rare sight: these two are usually fighting!

Fall is here! :D


She loved holding the flowers ;)

Sarah came over while we were shooting

I love Sarah. She loves taking pictures for me :)

"Show me your weird face!"

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  1. Those are some weird faces!!! :) But we love them!!
    I like the leaf photo!