Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The answer

All of you had great answers to the weird whisk picture (all were what I thought it was when I first saw it!). But here is the answer:

It's a..........................

Head massager!!!
I know it's kinda weird, but my boss gave it to me as a "thanks for sticking around even though everyone else is leaving" gift (don't ask...hard times), and though you're skeptical at first, it's AMAZING!!!!
Our whole family loves using it! :)

Here's some extras, just because:
My hot chocolate. First of the season! :D

My sis who loves to be dramatically pouty

My kitty


FALL!!!! :D

With a little bit of summer left over

Relaxin' with the kitty

Sarah and I taught her how to knit :D

My stack of current reads...the Georgette Heyer one is "Lady of Quality"
(didn't realize I'd cut out the title :P)

Moriah's knitting project: a blanket for Spike :)


  1. Yay!! More photos!
    Such a cute one of you with your head thingy! :)
    I like the lighting in the first photo of Moriah.
    Just want you to know that you will be missed next week! :(
    love you!

  2. I read the Hiding Place, and it was really good! I loved it!