Monday, September 6, 2010

A picnic

This weekend was REALLY nice as far as the weather, so some of the kids and I had several picnics outside. :)

Karah really likes wraps

Micah's snack

Me and my buddy with the flowers he gave me (never mind that he picked them from my garden without asking)

The silly goober with his cookie

Karah was the only one really paying attention...

Sarah joined us towards the end

The three girls' piggies...yes, our feet are filthy :P

Karah bear

Sarah gets the credit for this one...I just edited ;)


  1. Fun pics! Don't you love picnics??
    I like the piggies!
    Tell Sarah great job on the photo of you! very pretty!

  2. Oh, nice pictures! I love the last one. :D