Friday, September 10, 2010


On Tuesday, Moriah turned 15! :)

This was her cake...just a regular yellow cake layered with strawberry and mango sorbet in between. :D It was delish!

The candles...which are looking rough

The birthday girl with her cake

Micah was a little skeptical of the cake...Moriah tried convincing him to try it

Random pic of me and my doggie

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with Moriah. Enjoy the pics...they cost me a LOT of bribery money! (she doesn't like photoshoots)

There was a bug. A TEENY tiny bug.

Just chillin'

Moriah in sepia

I don't remember why we were laughing...but it was funny ;)


Slightly concerned
(I asked if she felt like she was being watched. Muahaha)

The stairway to heaven, perhaps?

Should I jump? ;)

Love the converse. ;)

Pretty girl!

I liked this one better in black and white

My sis is way cool! ;)


  1. Nice photos and Happy Birthday to Moriah again!
    I really like the last 3!!

  2. Yes, nice pictures! The pics of Moriah in sepia, especially, look like YOU! I didn't realize how much you look alike until I saw these!!! :) She IS pretty - and, of course, you are, too!

    Happy birthday to Moriah!

  3. Oooh, I love the pictures! Moriah is so pretty and I LOVE her dress!! :D
    I especiallt like the b&w and sepia ones. :)