Sunday, September 19, 2010

Josiah's Birthday, and other pictures

Josiah had a birthday! He turned 12 on the 12th. :D
His bday cake...our favorite ice cream cake recipe

He's one of the kids that won't let me take his picture. He'll kill me if he knows I got this and POSTED IT so everyone, SHHH!!! ;)

Like his placemat-head? ;)
Jeremy, Cade, and Cody...can anyone give me a reason that all the guys were wearing gray?? At least Micah has some COLOR! ;)


See this nice border of Mums?

This is what Moriah, myself and Sarah W. looked like after working on that all day. ;)
Anyone want a hug? ;)

Dad helped clean up afterwards...the sidewalk AND us! ;)

Me and Mikey

He stubbed his toe, poor thing

Drama King.
"Hannie, it weely hurts! I can't walk: can you cawwy me?"

Tickling him cured the pain ;)

Karah and I

Sarah gets credit for most of these

"Maybe he's up in the tree?"

"Somewhere in the sky?"

Me and my doggy, who will not sit still for a picture with me :(

He wanted to fly

Then decided he DIDN'T want to fly

Mad that Sarah was capturing it all on camera...ain't he cute, though? ;)

Rocky has decided that Spike's crate belongs to HIM now...I'm just waiting for this to turn into a fight :/

Sarah's photos again...

The lonely swing


  1. LOVED the pictures!!! Especially the ones of you! Fab. job, Sarah! :D T-shirt looks great on ya, HannahBeth. ;)

  2. Great photos!
    Hey we just had that cake too!! Nate's pick! It is yummy! :)
    I really like the b&w ones! Especially the one of you on the car!

  3. I really like the ones of you and Micah and the one of the swing. :D Great photos!

  4. All the pics are really nice, HannahB.!

    I gave MY sister the nickname "Hannie", too!!! :)