Sunday, September 19, 2010

Josiah's Birthday, and other pictures

Josiah had a birthday! He turned 12 on the 12th. :D
His bday cake...our favorite ice cream cake recipe

He's one of the kids that won't let me take his picture. He'll kill me if he knows I got this and POSTED IT so everyone, SHHH!!! ;)

Like his placemat-head? ;)
Jeremy, Cade, and Cody...can anyone give me a reason that all the guys were wearing gray?? At least Micah has some COLOR! ;)


See this nice border of Mums?

This is what Moriah, myself and Sarah W. looked like after working on that all day. ;)
Anyone want a hug? ;)

Dad helped clean up afterwards...the sidewalk AND us! ;)

Me and Mikey

He stubbed his toe, poor thing

Drama King.
"Hannie, it weely hurts! I can't walk: can you cawwy me?"

Tickling him cured the pain ;)

Karah and I

Sarah gets credit for most of these

"Maybe he's up in the tree?"

"Somewhere in the sky?"

Me and my doggy, who will not sit still for a picture with me :(

He wanted to fly

Then decided he DIDN'T want to fly

Mad that Sarah was capturing it all on camera...ain't he cute, though? ;)

Rocky has decided that Spike's crate belongs to HIM now...I'm just waiting for this to turn into a fight :/

Sarah's photos again...

The lonely swing

Friday, September 10, 2010


On Tuesday, Moriah turned 15! :)

This was her cake...just a regular yellow cake layered with strawberry and mango sorbet in between. :D It was delish!

The candles...which are looking rough

The birthday girl with her cake

Micah was a little skeptical of the cake...Moriah tried convincing him to try it

Random pic of me and my doggie

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with Moriah. Enjoy the pics...they cost me a LOT of bribery money! (she doesn't like photoshoots)

There was a bug. A TEENY tiny bug.

Just chillin'

Moriah in sepia

I don't remember why we were laughing...but it was funny ;)


Slightly concerned
(I asked if she felt like she was being watched. Muahaha)

The stairway to heaven, perhaps?

Should I jump? ;)

Love the converse. ;)

Pretty girl!

I liked this one better in black and white

My sis is way cool! ;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

A picnic

This weekend was REALLY nice as far as the weather, so some of the kids and I had several picnics outside. :)

Karah really likes wraps

Micah's snack

Me and my buddy with the flowers he gave me (never mind that he picked them from my garden without asking)

The silly goober with his cookie

Karah was the only one really paying attention...

Sarah joined us towards the end

The three girls' piggies...yes, our feet are filthy :P

Karah bear

Sarah gets the credit for this one...I just edited ;)