Sunday, August 1, 2010

VBS 2010

I know...I've not been a good blogger. *blush* I don't even want to look and see when my last picture post's too embarrassing. :P I really am sorry though! And I have tons of pictures to share! :D
This past week (July 25th-29th) was our church's VBS, and I helped take pictures of all the events. :) The theme was the story of Corrie Ten Boom, The Hiding Place, and the whole week was AMAZING!!! I think all the kids enjoyed it as much as I did-the singing, verse memorizing, craft time, games, snacks, store time, and story time all left us with some good memories made, and lots of good lessons learned.
I don't have access to the pictures of days one-three on this computer (heh...I didn't think that out too well), but I do want to share lots from the last two nights! :D Maybe I'll get the other pictures posted later, too....

Anyways, each night we started off by singing several songs, almost all of which have hand motions (which I love!). My favorite was "Rock, Sword, and Shield", which they're singing here:
"He's my Knight in shining armor"

Every night we did a Penny March. They turned it into a contest for the boys vs. girls, to see who could bring the most money in for Operation Christmas Child. Each night they weighed the pennies, and kept a tally of who (boys or girls) won each night. The girls won the first two nights. The boys won the next two nights. We were totally expecting the girls to come back and win on night four, but as you can see, the boys tied it up: quite impressive! ;)
Since I don't have pictures of Night Five of the Penny March (I did video instead!), I'll announce the winners: The girls! :D Overall, all the kids ended up raising over $850 (I don't remember the exact total...I was still in shock at hearing the digit be in the 800s *wink*) for OCC!!! I had goosebumps on my arms when they announced that to the kids...what I find even more amazing, though, is that we had an average of 60 kids per night, and the amount of money we raised is enough to send 60 shoeboxes to kids around the world!!!! How cool is that!?!?! Who says kids can't do anything really big and important?!!? 'Cause I'd like to tell anyone that thinks that that 60 kids ages 2-13 raised over $850 in five nights, and most of that money they EARNED by doing chores and yardwork for family and neighbors!!!

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now. :) Here's the boys' reactions when they won on Night Four. What I find humorous, though, is Jessie (on the the pic to enlarge) immediately goes to whisper to her Dad that the girls have QUITE a stockpile saved up for the last night. ;)

"Ok, who's ready for Mr. Jeff to come teach us our new memory verse?"

After learning the new memory verse and reviewing the lesson from the night before, the kids split up to go to their activities. I followed the littlest ones to the gym (we meet in a school), where they played with balloons. I think the ladies in charge of their class (one adult per child) would all ask me to state that this picture is NOT typical of their class: 99.9% of the time they were all running around in different directions, laughing while the poor ladies tried to round them up. :) Aren't they cute, though?! ;)

Karah's class...

Doing a relay race with balloons...I love this kid's expression. ;)

I went to see the middle class (grades 3-4) in the cafeteria. These kids were happy to let me get their picture. :)

Lining up to "buy" something from the store

Miss Peggy helping give the little ones their snack. She's such a sweet lady!

Dad having fun watching the kids in his and Mr. Alan's class play a game


They were doing some sort of game where they had to blow up a balloon then pop it. This girl decided to try popping hers with her teeth. Mr. Damian's face says it all. ;)

Back in the cafeteria:
Saying their verse to Mrs. Diana

Or Miss Eliza

Or Mrs. Wendy :)

I followed one class to their craft time, and while they waited for the craft leaders to get the room ready, Mr. John led them in an impromptu game of Simon Says. It involved a lot of jumping. ;)

Back to the cafeteria....where one of the ladies immediately called me over to the adults to get a picture of Mr. Barry with his dashing hat. ;) I never knew you could wear the popsicle bag as a hat...and I also never knew Mr. Barry was a jokester. lol This is also his reaction to the nutrition information he discovered about the Oatmeal cookies the kids (and he) were munching on.
"7 grams of fat?!?! Are you serious?!"

While I was there, the oldest kids (grades 5-6) came in for their snack

Then it was back to the auditorium for one more song and the story time with Mr. Jeff.
Julianne and Sierra helped with the singing all week long :)
After everyone had left the room, I got some shots of the props/setup

Later I'll post pictures from the last night (including a pie toss!) and some other random pictures. :)


  1. Yipee!! So nice to see photos!!
    Thanks for posting twice!!

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAY! Pictures!!!!!!!! VBS looks like fun! :D

  3. it's interesting to see what another VBS looks like! What is the "store"? How does that work?

    You got some good shots, HannahBeth!