Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random pictures

A few weeks ago I took two of my sisters, one of their friends, and Micah to a park about a half hour away. We walked the trails for an hour before heading to a frozen yogurt shop for a treat. :D Unfortunately, the camera batteries died after a few minutes, so I don't have many pictures.

The "hikers"

All the potentially dangerous points in the walkway were conveniently spray painted...somehow our clumsy selves still managed to trip and we had some moments I wish I could've caught on camera, but overall I guess the spray paint helped. Maybe. ;)

In front of the "Student" sculpture

Me seestah....sometimes she frustrates me

Makes me worry

And annoys me to no end

But....I love her. :)

For weeks, Jeremy kept saying he saw a weird looking animal. When he described it, we thought he was either seeing things or was seeing a cat or something. Then...he and the boys spotted it and took some pictures. Turns out....
We have a woodchuck. >_< He's cute and all...well, actually, I think he looks rather weird, but whatever the case: he's a nuisance. He's messed around in my garden and we think he's been chewing on the deck!!! I hope he finds himself a home elsewhere SOON! ;)

Micah got so tired one day, he just laid down in the upstairs hall and fell asleep on the floor!

Sarah and I like to do stationary swaps every now and then. This is what it usually looks like, with all our stationary laid out on my bed:

Oh yeah: I found a tripod for $3 at Goodwill about a month ago!!! :D I'm still deciding on a name...

We made these muffins for a breakfast and topped them with some icing: YUM!

My sunflower got HUGE! :D Almost one story tall!

Sarah planted Zinnia around our mailbox. The butterflies LOVE them!! She got these pictures of them a few days ago :)


  1. Great photos!!
    Oh! We have had woodchucks here too. We DO NOT like them!!!
    Love your sunflower!
    And great butterfly photos!!! Great job Sarah!!

  2. I LOVE the ones of the butterfly!

    lol. Poor Micah!

    O_O Eeeeeeeeeeeevil woodchucks!!

    *sigh* I miss you soooooo incredibly much!!!

  3. Oh! WE used to trade stationary! And stickers, too! We'd even do it with our cousin and friends! It's cool that someone else does it, too! :)