Friday, August 6, 2010

The last night of VBS

The last night of VBS was FUN!! :)
All the kids went crazy with the Penny March: the penny table was overcrowded as the kids lined up to exchange quarters, dollar bills and I even saw a few $20, for rolls of pennies. O_O CRAZY!

Karah and her friend with their stashes

Two of the boys with their stashes

The drama queen. lol Her pockets were FULL of pennies!

More singing (and dancing)

Mr. Jeff taught the last part of Corrie's story. AMAZING!!

Afterwards, there was a meal for all the kids and their families. The cafeteria was packed!

Since the girls won the Penny March Contest, they each got to throw a plate of whipped cream in Mr. John's face! I'd be scared if I saw a line of girls like this lining up to throw whipped cream at me! ;)

While he was still clean

After a few throws

Good thing he wore a hat ;)

It went everywhere

Nice big mess of whipped cream

Mr. John's sister, Mrs. Joanna, got the honor of being the last one to throw some whipped cream at him. ;)

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