Monday, August 30, 2010


All last week I was dog-sitting for one of my bosses, who has two long-haired dachsunds. She told me to take my younger siblings as often as possible, as they love little kids, and of course Micah and Karah were quite happy to oblige. ;)

Micah and I with Beasley (he is around 8 years old, I think)

Moriah with Taz (9 months old...the name should say it all)

Beasley is SO photogenic. I said his name and he looked every time :D

Karah with Taz. He was next to impossible to photograph. *sigh*

The angel dog

The only decent picture of Moriah (who was my main helper all week) and I with the dogs. I miss 'em!

Moriah with her favorite: Taz

And now some personal motivation to clean my room. The current state of my desk...about to change. ;)


And lastly: can you find the cardinal?


  1. Great photos! I was just thinking the other day that we hadn't seen photos from HannahBeth in a little while! :)
    Your hair looks nice up! :)

  2. I agree with Mrs. S.! I think your hair looks really cute in a... bun? :)