Friday, August 6, 2010

Cupcakes and presents

On Wednesday, Moriah and I went over to a friend's house to help her make cupcakes. Baking with sisters and friends is FUN! :D

The two head chefs...Bosco and Sarah. He mostly supervised our work. ;)

All our weapons

Sarah took the multitasking thing to the next level...eating while mixing the batter. Not so sure it was a good idea, but it worked ;)

While Mo-mo and Sarah made the batter, I worked on the icing. We made purple (it turned out blue), green, pink and orange

Moriah with the finished product (there were more, don't worry).

They didn't last long ;)

Head chef #1 came outside to bid us goodbye :)

Back at home, Micah had gotten a package! :D He was very excited to open his birthday presents from the S. family ;)

Hugging his gifts. lol

Karah with her letter from Mia. lol

Mom made homemade ravioli: it was delicious!
Of course Judah had to touch all of them. *sigh*

Jeremy with his friend Cade...doing the only thing I ever see them doing: playing games ;)

And Me with my handsome buddy ;) He loves to dress up in that suit.


  1. AWWWW!! Micah is so cute! Glad he liked his package!!!
    Karah is a hoot!!! :)
    Oooooh homemade ravioli......your mom is such an inspiration!!
    Thanks for posting the photos!
    We love seeing your family and what you're up to!

  2. Wow! HOMEMADE ravioli??? That's ambitious!!! How were they? How do they compare to the frozen kind? What were they stuffed with? :)

  3. Yay! Another photo post! Awww, Micah and Karah are sooo cute. :D :D I miss them. :D

    Cupcakes! Fun!!! :D

    And I LOVE your new look! :D

  4. Mrs. Sheryl: Aww! I'm glad you enjoy them! :D You've inspired me to post more on my blog...I really enjoy your photos too! :)

    Meg: The ravioli was pretty good, though next time we'll probably make them a LOT smaller (they got HUGE once we cooked them!). And I think we need to work on the filling, as it was kinda liquidy, but they still tasted pretty good. :) Compared to the store brand, they were very different (Mom used whole wheat flour in the dough, for one thing) and will prob. take some getting used to, but they were definitely great for our first try! :)
    Mom decided to try making our own as Wal-Mart stopped carrying the cheaper brands, so it's very expensive to buy enough for our family. ;)

    Sam: hee! I love it too! The other layout was going crazy...but I'm glad for the change! ;) This one is so much brighter and cheerier! :D