Monday, August 30, 2010


All last week I was dog-sitting for one of my bosses, who has two long-haired dachsunds. She told me to take my younger siblings as often as possible, as they love little kids, and of course Micah and Karah were quite happy to oblige. ;)

Micah and I with Beasley (he is around 8 years old, I think)

Moriah with Taz (9 months old...the name should say it all)

Beasley is SO photogenic. I said his name and he looked every time :D

Karah with Taz. He was next to impossible to photograph. *sigh*

The angel dog

The only decent picture of Moriah (who was my main helper all week) and I with the dogs. I miss 'em!

Moriah with her favorite: Taz

And now some personal motivation to clean my room. The current state of my desk...about to change. ;)


And lastly: can you find the cardinal?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Over the weekend

I finally succeeded at french braiding my own hair well enough to suit my standards

After church we went to one of the family's homes for baptisms....Micah was getting a little cranky

Sarah got baptized by one of our elders, Mr. Alan

Sorry...they got mixed up. :P This was BEFORE she was dunked ;)

I put all my buttons in my new button jar

I tried out Moriah's hair gel and got my hair to stay nice and wavy all day

And I organized the small shelf on my desk (the beautiful card is from Mrs. Sheryl!!!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three things:

Micah turned three on Tuesday:
The kids got him hooked on SillyBandz ;)

His "cake" (which was really oreos, ice cream, whipped topping, and M&M's!)

He wants to blow out the candle!!

Goofy kid...he loved it

His favorite present, and possibly one of Mom's greatest consignment shop finds in the toy department: an old Radio Flyer bike with training wheels. All he wants to do now is go outside and ride it!

He also got bubbles...Karah obliged me with a short photoshoot ;)

And of course he couldn't be left out ;)

It's sort of an inside joke...but the basic of it is: Sarah's brother Cody told Moriah she had to build an ark. He didn't specify size, color, anything, so as a joke on HIM we decided to build one: out of cardboard boxes and duct tape. ;) It took the three of us about an hour (TWO of us...who will remain nameless....have MAJOR problems with getting distracted! :P) but we had fun making something we probably won't ever make again. ;)

Mo-mo and Sarah cutting the tape while I inspect the last placement of silver stickyness.

I am SHOCKED at my sister's reaction to something Sarah said!

With our work of...we'll call it creativity. I can't bear to call it art. :P
 (And yes, Sarah is alive and well: Moriah calmed the feelings of murderousness remarkably quickly when told the picture would be posted on the blog AND FB if she didn't quit *wink*)

"Mo-Mo's Ark"

Sarah has been working on her photog skills lately! :)
My cosmos

The crape (sp?) myrtle flowers

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Buddies

Ok, so this isn't my "buddy." lol It's my fourth ear of corn harvested from my garden. :D The best looking one so far! ;)

Penny is definitely my buddy. I hate when I have to close the windows in the afternoon (it gets too hot to keep 'em open) because she LOVES to sit in my window to sun-bathe


My littlest buddy

For being the funny man, he can be really serious sometimes

Karah's just insane. Way too photogenic.

The two little buds

Proof that she's most definitely NOT an angel ;)

Me and my bud

The three of us cutting up

And looking normal ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cupcakes and presents

On Wednesday, Moriah and I went over to a friend's house to help her make cupcakes. Baking with sisters and friends is FUN! :D

The two head chefs...Bosco and Sarah. He mostly supervised our work. ;)

All our weapons

Sarah took the multitasking thing to the next level...eating while mixing the batter. Not so sure it was a good idea, but it worked ;)

While Mo-mo and Sarah made the batter, I worked on the icing. We made purple (it turned out blue), green, pink and orange

Moriah with the finished product (there were more, don't worry).

They didn't last long ;)

Head chef #1 came outside to bid us goodbye :)

Back at home, Micah had gotten a package! :D He was very excited to open his birthday presents from the S. family ;)

Hugging his gifts. lol

Karah with her letter from Mia. lol

Mom made homemade ravioli: it was delicious!
Of course Judah had to touch all of them. *sigh*

Jeremy with his friend Cade...doing the only thing I ever see them doing: playing games ;)

And Me with my handsome buddy ;) He loves to dress up in that suit.