Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacation Week to New England

On the way up, we passed this car wash. If only my car had been dirty, I could've had it cleaned at a PURPLE parlor! ;)
Crossing over the Hudson River in New York!

The gorgeous countryside in upstate NY

Interesting shot that Moriah got while I drove through the worst bit of rain we had the entire trip. Very scary to drive through!

At the P. family's home! :D I didn't take any photos until the night before we left. :( But I did get one of Joy and I together! :) I miss her so much!!!

Amy and I took a walk to a lake near them at sunset. SOOO pretty!

This family of geese had us a little concerned...they left us alone, though

I tried using flash...I love the color tones it captures :)

Amy and I! :D I miss her! :(

The next day we headed up to MA!
Karah was very glad to be back with her buddy Sam ;)


Karah and Livi played with the kite for awhile at the lake

Nate took my camera around...he got some interesting shots. :)
I think this one of Karah and Mia from the ground is pretty cool :D

I tried photographing the volleyball game, but it wasn't very action-filled. ;) They were basically doing this the whole time...ok, not sure what Joe was doing, but the standing around was what I meant to capture ;)

Mrs. Skinner...photographer extraordinaire! :D

Mom..taken by Nate

Jules trying to decide if she wanted to step in the water

Moriah got in the middle of a water fight

The beautiful lake :D

They took us to Kimballs for an ice cream dinner! :D It was delicious!
Mia, Karah and I

Micah really got into his ice cream

A bunch of motorcycle dudes were there

Mom and Mrs. Skinner took three of the kids on a walk, and Nate got this shot of the flag

Tuesday morning, I read to Jules

Just chillin' :)

Me and my bud Nate

Mrs. Skinner opening her presents from Mom

Mom with one of her gifts from Mrs. Skinner

The kids had my camera a lot...I ended up with about 5 pictures of this framed crosstitch of Proverbs 31. lol I wonder if they were trying to tell me something? ;)

Sam at the tea party :D

Gorgeous tea cups!


Micah really enjoyed playing with the train set

They taught us to play Dutch Blitz! :D
Olivia is very competetive :P
Sam and I went to the D. family's country store...Addie tried to strangle her for a video of her and Joe dancing that Sam showed to me lol

Somehow this pic got out of order...Mi-mi and Karah at Kimballs'
On Wednesday we went to the Book Barn....we thought this sticker was humorous

And Tori and Moriah tried to get away from Sam and I so they could be "unattended" after they saw this sign

At the E. family's...Hannie opening her gift from Sam :D

Hannah and Hannah :)

Maddie and I

So sad that we only had a few minutes left of our visit

Moriah and Maddie...Maddie likes to tickle. :D

Hannah, me, Sam and Maddie

Trying to look mean and failing...and Calvin just makes it hilarious!
I think Maddie was scared

But so was I

So we brought out the Robin Hood poses

Back at the Skinners'
 Micah loved riding the bikes
Nate next to their tomato plants...MUCH bigger than mine are!

We found a half-eaten tomato!

I'm assuming the purpose of this was to teach her not to wear long-sleeves in the summer? Tim tied her sleeves closed :D

Jules playing basketball
Nate and I on Thursday morning :(

Mia, me, and Nate

Moriah, Mia, and Sam...too many cameras were going ;)

Micah and Jules :)
We left shortly after this :(
They both slept for a couple hours on the way back to the hotel! :)

The sunset in Carlisle, PA

Friday morning we started the last leg of the trip home...and got iced mocha lattes from Dunkin Donuts. They were soooooo good! ;)

We had so much fun visiting with all of our friends, and I know at least I cried a bit when it was all over! :( I can't wait to do it all again! :D


  1. Wow, lots and lots of pictures! I can tell you had a good time!

  2. Those pictures are great!! I loved looking at them! :D

    Awwww!! You sweetie!! I miss you so very much too. *hugs*

  3. Great photos Hannah Beth!!!!!!!!
    Loved looking at them!
    Did you guys make it to Friendly's?

  4. Yep! We started looking for one around 4:30pm on Thursday, but we didn't get to a Friendly's until closer to six! It made it even more fun to eat there, though. :D

  5. Wow, put all together like that, it sure DOES look like a fun trip! Miss you!