Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun at the park

Mom and I have been taking the littlest ones to the park once a week. They love it! :)

Karah on the slide

Climbing the big kids stuff can be a challenge ;)

Karah again

A sticker on my spray bottle :)

Just pictures of some random objects ;)

Rocky is always a willing subject...and easy, since he's always napping

Oops...they got mixed up a bit. Back at the park! :D

I've got a couple more posts planned for this week, so I PROMISE more pictures soon! ;)


  1. YAAAAAAAAY! Pictures!!! :D I love em! And I love the font you used for your "HannahBeth Photography". *thumbs up*

  2. LOVED the hairy brush! :P And the sliding! weeee!

  3. Great photos!
    Cute one of the kitty! :)
    I like the up-close one of Micah!