Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter and The Hair Cut

Since we didn't get to join in the fun at our church's Easter picnic and egg hunt/outreach, we joined our neighbors for an egg hunt for the little people. :) Micah had a BLAST, this being his first "real" hunt...last year we didn't do one.

Karah hit the jackpot...she mostly got money. Just look at that gleeful laugh!

SO intent on his chocolate!

We found this baby turtle on our front porch! No bigger than the size of a quarter...we think one of our cats brought it to us. :)

I cut about 7 inches off Moriah's hair...I think it looks amazing on her! :D


  1. My word. Moriah is gorgeous, and you did a superb job on the hair cutting! woot woot! :) Go Hannah! :D

  2. It DOES look amazing on her! I envy her gorgeous curls! :D

    lol. Karah's face!! Gosh, I miss you guys!!