Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun at the park

Mom and I have been taking the littlest ones to the park once a week. They love it! :)

Karah on the slide

Climbing the big kids stuff can be a challenge ;)

Karah again

A sticker on my spray bottle :)

Just pictures of some random objects ;)

Rocky is always a willing subject...and easy, since he's always napping

Oops...they got mixed up a bit. Back at the park! :D

I've got a couple more posts planned for this week, so I PROMISE more pictures soon! ;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter and The Hair Cut

Since we didn't get to join in the fun at our church's Easter picnic and egg hunt/outreach, we joined our neighbors for an egg hunt for the little people. :) Micah had a BLAST, this being his first "real" hunt...last year we didn't do one.

Karah hit the jackpot...she mostly got money. Just look at that gleeful laugh!

SO intent on his chocolate!

We found this baby turtle on our front porch! No bigger than the size of a quarter...we think one of our cats brought it to us. :)

I cut about 7 inches off Moriah's hair...I think it looks amazing on her! :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's an Anniversary

Before I get to the anniversary...

I did Sarah's ultra long hair (ok, so it's just "ultra-long" for the gals in our family ;))
It wouldn't stay straight up :/
I won a giveaway from Melissa's Blog!!! I can't wait to start reading it-thanks Melissa! :D

Experimenting with the lighting from my open window

Ok! So, March 31st was my parents' 20th anniversary! :D For the occasion, I went and did a photoshoot with them, then my sister and I printed and framed four of the pictures, and we kids gave it to them as an anniversary gift. :) Here are a few of the shots I got:
Together on our front steps

On the porch...I forget what joke they were laughing at ;)

One of my favorites of Dad

My favorite of Mom :)

Micah wanted the attention back on himself...this one is really blurry, but I kind of like the sense of motion...what do you think?

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!! *melts*