Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring, part 2

Mom bought a grape plant last spring, hoping we'd soon have a nice little vine with grapes in our future...due to lack of water (heh...the container gardening thing really does require watering...should've gone by the books rather than just doing the "wait and see" thing *sheepish grin*), it died. Something prompted Mom to insist we keep the thing...and look what we found this week:

Buds of promise!

An up-shot

I started a ton of my seeds about two weeks ago, and this is what I'm seeing:
I love taking pictures of raindrops on flowers...I had plenty of opportunities last week! :)

Buds on trees...just screaming, "Spring is coming!" :)

I had fun experimenting with different focal points on that branch :)

My personal fave of the four

I have a love/hate thing with Bradford Pear Trees.

 Love=the gorgeous blossoms

And the cute leaves ;)
Hate=the horrible smell *wrinkles nose* When it's raining, though, you can't smell it, so it's a perfect photo opportunity!

The heavy rains sent tons of the flowers sailing to the ground

Out of focus

up-shot of the girls in the rain

"Turn the exposure up, Sarah"
"What in the world is the exposure?"
After showing her, she ended up turning it down instead of up. lol Oh well!

McKenna with Micah

Adding me...

She had my camera for awhile...when I found this one on there later I just had to say, "AWW!!" My little buddy! :)


One of the girls sent this poor daffodil to a watery made for an interesting picture, though!

Mom was gone with Moriah on Saturday morning, so I was in charge of breakfast. Micah sat on the counter watching me make the pancakes, and asked if he could have a "wittle" pancake....sooooo I made him some mini pancakes. :)

We made Bob and Larry (from VeggieTales!) out of playdoh...

And Junior and Laura! :D

Now you are all aware of this important warning! ;)

I'm only including this last picture because SarahW asked me to, very nicely. With her best pouty face.
She was playing with my hair and decided to make me look like Suzy Who from Dr. Seuss! It was pretty funny, though I'll admit I was a little self-conscious walking around the neighborhood with my hair looking like that. Everyone who commented on it mentioned Dr. Seuss, so she got her point across well. ;) I'm going to try getting Sarah's hair (which has gotten REALLY long!) to stand up like that...we'll see how that works out! ;)


  1. did SarahW get your hair to stay that way?
    Love seeing all your photos!
    I like the bud are blessed to have flowers with rain on them to take photos of......we just have rain! :(
    I like the two photos of the same in focus and one out.

  2. YAAAAAAAY! More pictures!!! :D

    Wowee! Look at that hair! *HOWLS*

    LUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucky! You've got flowers! :P I LOOOOOVE pear blossoms and can't wait for our's! :D

    Fab. pics, Hannah Beth!!

  3. The flower pictures are so pretty! I can't believe you have flowers already!!
    Lol! Your hair do is so funny! How in the world did Sarah W. get it to stay up like that?? :D

  4. Beautiful pics, Bee! Especially the nature ones!

  5. Hee! Thanks girls! :D

    All she did was use several ponytails, only leaving a few inches in between each one. The shorter the hair, the easier it is. I tried it on Sarah's hair (you can see the pic in the next post), and it didn't stay up as well. :)