Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring, part 2

Mom bought a grape plant last spring, hoping we'd soon have a nice little vine with grapes in our future...due to lack of water (heh...the container gardening thing really does require watering...should've gone by the books rather than just doing the "wait and see" thing *sheepish grin*), it died. Something prompted Mom to insist we keep the thing...and look what we found this week:

Buds of promise!

An up-shot

I started a ton of my seeds about two weeks ago, and this is what I'm seeing:
I love taking pictures of raindrops on flowers...I had plenty of opportunities last week! :)

Buds on trees...just screaming, "Spring is coming!" :)

I had fun experimenting with different focal points on that branch :)

My personal fave of the four

I have a love/hate thing with Bradford Pear Trees.

 Love=the gorgeous blossoms

And the cute leaves ;)
Hate=the horrible smell *wrinkles nose* When it's raining, though, you can't smell it, so it's a perfect photo opportunity!

The heavy rains sent tons of the flowers sailing to the ground

Out of focus

up-shot of the girls in the rain

"Turn the exposure up, Sarah"
"What in the world is the exposure?"
After showing her, she ended up turning it down instead of up. lol Oh well!

McKenna with Micah

Adding me...

She had my camera for awhile...when I found this one on there later I just had to say, "AWW!!" My little buddy! :)


One of the girls sent this poor daffodil to a watery made for an interesting picture, though!

Mom was gone with Moriah on Saturday morning, so I was in charge of breakfast. Micah sat on the counter watching me make the pancakes, and asked if he could have a "wittle" pancake....sooooo I made him some mini pancakes. :)

We made Bob and Larry (from VeggieTales!) out of playdoh...

And Junior and Laura! :D

Now you are all aware of this important warning! ;)

I'm only including this last picture because SarahW asked me to, very nicely. With her best pouty face.
She was playing with my hair and decided to make me look like Suzy Who from Dr. Seuss! It was pretty funny, though I'll admit I was a little self-conscious walking around the neighborhood with my hair looking like that. Everyone who commented on it mentioned Dr. Seuss, so she got her point across well. ;) I'm going to try getting Sarah's hair (which has gotten REALLY long!) to stand up like that...we'll see how that works out! ;)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is here! [Part 1]

I'm so sorry for my long silence! My access to the main computer has been extremely limited (which means I haven't had time to upload and edit my pictures on it), but I finally decided to just use my Dad's laptop to do my pictures. No Photoshop, but Picasa served just as well! :)

We girls taught ourselves how to do the Virginia Reel. It's so much easier when there's a ton of people, but at least we have four of us! ;)

"Make your squishy face Micah!"

"It good Hannah!"

Puppy wanted some too...didn't get any, though ;)

I love his expression..."I Hannah's buddy!"

Gorgeous blue sky!

With the neighbor's dog...who *thinks* she is *our* dog ;)

Hear no evil

See no evil
Speak no evil (I'm pretty sure Sarah had these posed ;)

Judah found a FIVE leaf clover ON St. Patrick's Day! He was very excited, to say the least. ;)

The hunter with the hunted ;)

Moriah and I took Spike to the dog park so he could run and play without us worrying about him running off. There was one lone daffodil inside the enclosed area :)
Going after the ball that he was too lazy to chase *again*

He mostly did this:

My gorgeous sister! :D I love the contrast of the green, blue and red in this pic! :)

Trying to decide whether he wants to chase that bird or continue sniffing...
When we left, he was (pardon the pun) dog-tired! But not too tired to hang his head out of the window.

The boys have been down at the creek catching crawdads this week...they look rather creepy to me, and no I did not take the picture. I let them get that close to it. ;)

Sarah thought it was funny to put this lid on Princess...we both think she looks like one of those monkeys you always see in the movies or books with the traveling man. ;)

The neighbor Moriah and I babysit for on occasion has been sick this week, so the girls in my Bible study and I made her a get well card :)

Wrote LOTS of little notes on the inside (including a few telling the lady's little girl to behave for her poor mom. lol)

I've got tons more pictures to post, which I will do tomorrow in Part 2! :)