Friday, February 19, 2010

Three words: Blue Plaid Pants

Sarah went crazy with some paper scraps...I thought her idea was neat :D

So....Mom bought we three older girls some matching pj pants. They're so comfortable and warm, we all three ended up simultaneously wearing them the same night, thus a photoshoot was needed! ;) For those who know Moriah, she HATES to be matching ANYONE, much less us, so these pictures are history changing in value! ;)
We started out with Sarah and I attempting to hold Moriah...I was doing just FINE

But Sarah's end of the bargain didn't work out so well...poor Moriah

Serious Sisters

Smiling Sisters

Silly Sisters....did I mention all those fuzzy socks are from my collection? :D

I just found this very interesting...

We thought we could trust Moriah for a "sweet" pose...

She took way too much delight in smacking us O_O

She blamed Sarah's inability to see on ME! Can you BELIEVE that?!!

Something we've been trying to do for ages...a pose for our Uncle Charlie :D

Karah and Micah monitored the camera for us we let the self-timer snap away :D


When Dad picked me up from work he had to go back to his workplace to get a computer...I got this cool tag saying I visited! :P

It's Valentine's! :D Scratch n' Sniff ones for the girls (the boys got Kung Fu Panda)

The books I'm reading

Yes, I blinked. Don't judge! So, I LOVE this sweater, and it's great except for the deep v-neck. Easy fix, wearing a cami, but it's still a pain to wear, trying to keep the cami in place and the sweater just right...

Until I saw a lady out somewhere who had the exact same sweater on. She had this great idea, that I'm hoping to use to fix it soon-she sewed a cute, big button and made a buttonhole so she could close the neck higher up! Since I don't have a button, I'm using safety pins for now. Very easy fix to this deep v-neck problem, and very handy seeing as the v-neck has become quite the trend! :)

I got two awesome things in the mail today:
#1-A letter from Hannah :D

And #2-A photo of the little girl I'm sponsoring in Haiti through Danita's Children! I'm so excited, and am going to write her a letter as soon as I can! :D

My growing collection of prayer far, China and Pakistan! :)


  1. wow! I love the pics of you and your sisters in your PJS! (Plus the pants are really cool!)


  2. Hey! I just wanted to say that my brother is sponsering a child! She's a little girl and is really cute!

  3. Oh and I think the first of the three of you is really "real"......shows us the real yous! :) Like it!!!

  4. Thanks Monica! :D We had fun spending time together just being silly...and that's neat your brother is sponsoring a little girl! I love being able to help her out even a little, since I can't physically go and be there to help. :)

    Thanks Mrs. S! :D

  5. lol. I love ya gals...too funny! :D :D

  6. Hehe! I LOVE the photo shoot! :)I have those same pj pants!! :) :)

  7. Wow, this is just adorable!! :) Those are some pretty neat pyjama pants! :D

  8. Great photos! Love the color of your sweater!

  9. Hey Hannah Beth,
    I just found your blog. It was great to see all the pictures, and revive memories from camp. I'll look forward to more.