Saturday, February 6, 2010

Siblings and a mysterious package

Karah and I, with her new hat :)

He was a little unsure of this picture-with-Hannah idea...

I told him to sing, and the doubt left like lightning. ;)



So I got this really mysterious/suspicious looking package in the mail today from Sam...

I opened the tube shaped container to find:
Emma bookmarkers!

And THEN I found this:

Totally made my day! :D

Just because she's adorable:


  1. The pictures of You and Karah/You and Micah are so cute!! You are so pretty! :D
    Love the poster and bookmark. ;) Niiice. :D

  2. Such nice photos of you and Karah and Micah!
    Who was photographer? self-timer??
    I like the pineapple in the background! :)

  3. Hey! Love your photos! Right now I am watching Emma on the internet! I love it!
    I also like your Profile page!