Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Over the weekend...

Another try at sunset pictures...I've GOT to find a spot with a clearer view!

Teaching Spike some tricks...using peanut butter as a treat ;)


Sun-bathing...oh to live the life of a cat for a couple hours a day! ;)

On Friday/Saturday it snowed. A LOT. Poor Spike had to leap in order to get anywhere...he didn't stay outside long.

Catching snowflakes!

This time, my boots WERE covered in snow. ;)

Dad tried out the sled

Micah didn't really like the cold...he did like throwing snowballs at the kids though! ;)

Dad had lots of fun pushing Sarah and Sarah down the hill!

Karah all bundled up!

I took a turn catching the tiny cold white things with my tongue....

And got snow in my eye :P


Snow on the van

Self-portrait using the van window...gotta remember to move a little more to the left next time!

Summer and winter...within inches of each other ;)

Love my new hat!

I turned on my camera this afternoon and found some shocking evidence of...dare I push it and say friendliness?!?...between Rocky and Spike!

Moriah in her new hat...definitely suits her!


  1. Wow, you did get some snow there!! Your new hat is cute! :D

    I love the pic of you ion the car window! Cool!

  2. Oh! Meant to say......this time you got a lot of snow! ;)

  3. The sunset photo is better!!
    Love your hat!!
    I like the one of you in the car window too1

  4. Wow, cool hats you made. :D I really like the sunset picture. :) Nice job. :D