Friday, February 19, 2010

Three words: Blue Plaid Pants

Sarah went crazy with some paper scraps...I thought her idea was neat :D

So....Mom bought we three older girls some matching pj pants. They're so comfortable and warm, we all three ended up simultaneously wearing them the same night, thus a photoshoot was needed! ;) For those who know Moriah, she HATES to be matching ANYONE, much less us, so these pictures are history changing in value! ;)
We started out with Sarah and I attempting to hold Moriah...I was doing just FINE

But Sarah's end of the bargain didn't work out so well...poor Moriah

Serious Sisters

Smiling Sisters

Silly Sisters....did I mention all those fuzzy socks are from my collection? :D

I just found this very interesting...

We thought we could trust Moriah for a "sweet" pose...

She took way too much delight in smacking us O_O

She blamed Sarah's inability to see on ME! Can you BELIEVE that?!!

Something we've been trying to do for ages...a pose for our Uncle Charlie :D

Karah and Micah monitored the camera for us we let the self-timer snap away :D


When Dad picked me up from work he had to go back to his workplace to get a computer...I got this cool tag saying I visited! :P

It's Valentine's! :D Scratch n' Sniff ones for the girls (the boys got Kung Fu Panda)

The books I'm reading

Yes, I blinked. Don't judge! So, I LOVE this sweater, and it's great except for the deep v-neck. Easy fix, wearing a cami, but it's still a pain to wear, trying to keep the cami in place and the sweater just right...

Until I saw a lady out somewhere who had the exact same sweater on. She had this great idea, that I'm hoping to use to fix it soon-she sewed a cute, big button and made a buttonhole so she could close the neck higher up! Since I don't have a button, I'm using safety pins for now. Very easy fix to this deep v-neck problem, and very handy seeing as the v-neck has become quite the trend! :)

I got two awesome things in the mail today:
#1-A letter from Hannah :D

And #2-A photo of the little girl I'm sponsoring in Haiti through Danita's Children! I'm so excited, and am going to write her a letter as soon as I can! :D

My growing collection of prayer far, China and Pakistan! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Siblings and a mysterious package

Karah and I, with her new hat :)

He was a little unsure of this picture-with-Hannah idea...

I told him to sing, and the doubt left like lightning. ;)



So I got this really mysterious/suspicious looking package in the mail today from Sam...

I opened the tube shaped container to find:
Emma bookmarkers!

And THEN I found this:

Totally made my day! :D

Just because she's adorable:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One hungry dog

Micah has a new buddy! One of the neighbor boys has quickly become his fast friend...Micah beats him up regularly. ;)

This is a typical meal for Spike....more fruits and veggies than dog food. ;)

The hungry puppy waiting for his supper.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Over the weekend...

Another try at sunset pictures...I've GOT to find a spot with a clearer view!

Teaching Spike some tricks...using peanut butter as a treat ;)


Sun-bathing...oh to live the life of a cat for a couple hours a day! ;)

On Friday/Saturday it snowed. A LOT. Poor Spike had to leap in order to get anywhere...he didn't stay outside long.

Catching snowflakes!

This time, my boots WERE covered in snow. ;)

Dad tried out the sled

Micah didn't really like the cold...he did like throwing snowballs at the kids though! ;)

Dad had lots of fun pushing Sarah and Sarah down the hill!

Karah all bundled up!

I took a turn catching the tiny cold white things with my tongue....

And got snow in my eye :P


Snow on the van

Self-portrait using the van window...gotta remember to move a little more to the left next time!

Summer and winter...within inches of each other ;)

Love my new hat!

I turned on my camera this afternoon and found some shocking evidence of...dare I push it and say friendliness?!?...between Rocky and Spike!

Moriah in her new hat...definitely suits her!