Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've decided to take pictures with different "themes" such as different colors, shapes, flowers, girls, boys, etc, each week to post, so here's my first one. Of course, the theme if purple. :P

Purple stripes in the laundry basket
Purple coats...and one mean look!
Purple Pansies :D
Purple flip-flops
The purple girl hit her head
Umm...not really a "purple" shot, but it was too cool not to post. ;)

Purple pillow
Purple pincushion
Purple Books...
A comforter...

The journal I made, using Livi's bee. :D
The back:
More stripes...on Grandma's blanket
Purple Bookmarker


  1. Hey HannahBeth!!! :-)
    Very nice!! :-)
    Aww! Poor Sarah!! I'm sorry she hit her head!! I hope it feels better!!!
    Love you!!
    Amy :O)

  2. oooh... so I really liked this post! :-)
    What an awesome camera!!! I think that you are having way to much fun with that amazing camera... :-) Oh, and your regency gown is GORGEOUS!!! You are such an amazing seamstress!! Whohoo! :-) love you loads!!!

  3. That's a cool journal! :D And I'm loving your new camera! :D Soon I'll have my own and will be fighting you back with my own picture storm.

  4. Thanks. It's already better now, though