Thursday, March 20, 2008


Dad requested some natural colored pictures (Even after just one post of my experiments with color effects!! :P ), so here are some pics I took yesterday. :)

Micah :D He's crawling literally everywhere, trying to pull himself up to stand, and sits himself up from being on his stomach!

And he loves looking at lights! ;)

And chewing on his toys. :D

Sarah and I cleaned our room, and I've been taking pictures of each of the rooms in case we list our house online...Mom called one of the people who've expressed serious interest in our house, but she's not called back yet.

Sarah's bed is on the left, with pretty much all her things besides clothes piled on her headboard, and at the foot of her bed. :)

"My Corner", with my desk, sewing machine/supplies, guitar, and school stuff. Then my dresser, and my "chocolate" bunny (just painted, unfortunately she's not real chocolate) on our mantle. :)

My bed, with my knitting box (where I keep my knitting things and projects....and a bunch of other things), and my "HopeChest" at the end of my bed (it's really just a red chest that I use as a HopeChest). :)
My wardrobe/closet (which not only houses some clothes and shoes, but also a bunch of junk that I can't bear to part with, or don't want to pack! :P ), and our laundry hamper...oh, and Karah's hair clip ribbon hangs on our door. :D

Neither one was very thrilled to have the camera in their face again. :/
It looks as though I will be attending a community college near where we're moving to, starting either next fall or spring, to study cosmetology. :) I'm praying if God doesn't me to that I'll not get accepted and everything just won't work out, but otherwise, I'll be going. :) Prayers please!!!
My stack of current reads...*cough* I got "Through Gates of Splendor" and "Quest for Love" in the mail from PBS after waiting nearly a month for both, so I had to start them right away! :D If I seem like my head is in the clouds lately, it's because I'm lost in the jungles of Ecuador going on missionary flights with Jim Elliot and Nate Saint over Auca territory! :D My "soon to be read"s :D


  1. OOohhhhh Jane Eyre *prods Sam* She´ll like it ;) I love Jane Eyre and I´m right now in the process of reading a biography on Shakespeare. It´s very funny and interesting. Did you know f.x. that Queen Elizabeth I always slept with a sword by her side ;)

  2. Yeah...Jane Eyre! *weary sigh* I've just got this horrible sinking feeling that after reading it for Lit I'll learn to like it! This guy who wrote my Lit course is very very good at making you like a story even if you hated it before! *frowns* I'm starting to like Frankenstein! 0_0

    Yay! Anna commented on my blog! :D *hugs*

  3. Oh, you like Agatha Christia too?? :D I really like her books....Have you read "Easy to Kill".....FREAKY!!! I think it's the best one. :)

  4. Actually, I've never read her books, but I've had several friends recommend her. :D Dad bought me an Agatha Christie PC game (simply on a guess that I was a fan! lol) that came with a free book, so I'm finally going to read one of her mysteries. :D

  5. Hey HannahBeth! :-)
    Nice post! :-) I enjoyed all the pictures! :-)
    I'll keep you in my prayers about going to the collage! *Hugs* Is that something you have wanted to study? :-) Just wondering! :-)
    Love you!!!
    Amy :O)

  6. Hi HannahBeth!

    I enjoyed the pictures, as well as the earlier posts.:) I agree with the "Dangers of TV." I don't think I've ever seen that forward... so true!


  7. Yeah, I really like cutting hair/styling it. :D I've been wanting to learn better techniques for awhile, this might be my chance. ;) :D

  8. Hehe! Well, I hope you like Agatha Christie's boks. :) Which book do you have of hers? :)