Monday, March 17, 2008

Heh Regency gown!!! :D

Two pictures of my regency gown. :D It was a bit dark when Mom was taking the pictures, so I'll have her try again tomorrow when it's lighter. ;)
Front view(I was wearing the sash as a headband..):

Back View(forgive the poorly tied drawstring...that's what happens when you decide it'll be faster to do it yourself than to ask for help!):
Mikey and Moriah
I think Rocky was getting tired of all the pictures
My little flower of two. :) Mom bought some pansies and dwarf marigolds at the store today.

I've been making tons of these flower pincushions. :D


  1. It's lovely HannahBeth!!!!!! :OD Thanks so much for posting pictures of it!!! :OD

    Aw, Thats a nice picture of Moriah and Micah!!! Please tell Moriah I say Hi!!! :OD And that I miss her!!!

    Aw! Rocky is cute!! :-)

    Your flowers are really pretty!!! :-)

    Wow! Those pincushions are cute!!! :-)

    Love you lots!!
    Amy :O)

  2. Oh! HannahBeth, I love the gown you made!! Its so pretty! :D

    And yes! Ditto with what Amy said, please do tell Moriah I say hi too, and I miss her!

  3. *dies* I LOVE it! It looks gorgeous on you!!! :D

    *sobs* I want your flowers. *sniffs* :D

  4. Amy: Glad you like it! :D I can't wait 'til you're done with yours! :D

    Janna: Thanks! Oh, and Moriah says hi to you both. :)

    Sam: you don't. lol ;) Some of them look rather sickly...I told Mom I'm never buying flowers from Lowe's again. :/ Next time we'll try wal-mart...

  5. Aw!!! :OD

    Hi Moriah!!! *Hugs* :OD