Monday, February 25, 2008

A few pictures...

Here are a few pictures that I never got posted(and no, that doesn't mean our camera is fixed... :( )...

We're painting the porch and front of the house...Sarah and I worked on this section weekend before last:
Sarah decided to paint her face. :) (One side was an accident, the other side she did on purpose)
Since I scared a few of you into thinking I'd cut my hair, this is how long it really is. :P I'm thinking about cutting it though... ;)
My hand got painted too.
Daddy and Karah got the mail. :D
Sarah was singing for Karah, while videoing Micah, and Micah apparently wanted Daddy. :)


  1. Hannah, I thought you said you weren't going to post that picture of me with the paint on my face!!!!
    Really sis, I think you should stay away from me for the rest of the week!!!!!!!!!!!
    and a few more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (just kidding!!)

  2. Oh, and Hannah will you please try taking a picture of me in that new shirt that you made for me last Saturday?

  3. Do! Do! Get it cut chin length! You'd look fabulous with chin-length hair! Seriously. :) Not that you don't look fabulous already...:D

  4. how short are you thinking of getting it cut? I am also debating wether I should get mine cut or not....what do you think?
    oh, haha, thanks for tagging me... :-)

  5. Nice pictures HannahBeth!! :-) Thanks for posting them!! :-)
    Your hair looks pretty long, and I'm sure it would look pretty short too! :-)
    Sarah - I think the picture was a nice picture of you, you look very pretty, even with the paint! :-)
    Love Ya!
    Amy :O)