Monday, February 25, 2008

A few pictures...

Here are a few pictures that I never got posted(and no, that doesn't mean our camera is fixed... :( )...

We're painting the porch and front of the house...Sarah and I worked on this section weekend before last:
Sarah decided to paint her face. :) (One side was an accident, the other side she did on purpose)
Since I scared a few of you into thinking I'd cut my hair, this is how long it really is. :P I'm thinking about cutting it though... ;)
My hand got painted too.
Daddy and Karah got the mail. :D
Sarah was singing for Karah, while videoing Micah, and Micah apparently wanted Daddy. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Due to being able to find a couple of low-life batteries, and Mom buying more batteries today (we'll have to order a charger....), I have pictures to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

The invitation for the girls.....Mom joined us too. :D Oh, and both times are incorrect...we ended up waiting until 7:00pm, because I forgot we had a chiropractor appointment in the afternoon.
The boys's invitation:
The puppies were watching Karah and I pick flowers today:

A pic from Sunday....this was before the camera officially "died." Moriah's wearing the dress I made her...I made a skirt out of the leftover material for myself. :)
Waiting in the van for Dad to come out with the realtor.

Sisters (Moriah took the picture)
Having tea. :D

We found some more fabric today....and I made Karah a sundress out of it. :D
Both the boys and the girls seemed to really enjoy the treasure hunt/tea party. :D

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Miscellaneous Post

A few pictures I've accumulated over the past couple of weeks, but never got around to posting (some I barely just uploaded to the computer, because the battery charger for our camera died..).

"The Cat" :D

If anyone knows of a pet psychiatrist, I think this cat needs some serious HELP!!! (For those of you that don't know, that's our boy cat) :)

The hallway is done being painted....and has been for awhile. :) There's only a little bit of painting left to be done now...

What I'm reading right now...Plus one other book, "Quest for the High Places" which I forgot to include in the picture. :)
Moriah and Sammie
Didn't I already say he needed HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Rocky riding in Karah's baby stroller
Twins. :) And no, we didn't dress nearly exactly alike on purpose!!!